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Clare T. Walker and Hannah Kubiak are independent authors and creative professionals!

The Keys of Death

A Veterinary Medical Thriller

When man tries to play God, no one is safe.

Michaela Collins is a respected small-town animal doctor with a promising future, but she is haunted by a violent past and struggling to find meaning in the present.

When random chance brings a seriously injured dog to her doorstep, Michaela suspects animal abuse and determines to put a stop to it. What she uncovers is a deadly hidden network of abuse and torture on an epic scale.

Then Michaela learns the shocking truth: the people behind the brutal cover-up are willing to kill to protect their secrets.

The Keys of Death is a fast-paced medical and biotech thriller with a veterinary twist. Everything you love about the suspense genre is here—intelligent plot, vivid settings, and compelling characters—but it’s not just brain candy: the depth of this story will have you pondering its implications long after you’ve turned the last page.

Clear your schedule and get your copy of this exciting thriller today!


Startling Figures

Three Tales of the Paranormal

A small-town veterinarian investigates a series of animal attacks and comes face-to-face with monstrous evil. A theoretical physicist discovers how to be two places at once…but pays a terrible price. And a ruthless murderer finds a way to keep killing–even after he’s dead.

Three stories.
Three journeys.
Three encounters…
…with startling figures.

Startling Figures is a collection of three stand-alone tales of the supernatural.


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