Season 1 – Episode 3 – Taking the Mystery out of Mysteries



This week, Clare and Hannah discuss the differences between hard-boiled, classical and cozy mysteries. Knowing the literary conventions and formulae of each type of mystery story enhances your enjoyment of the genre for a couple reasons:

First, after listening to our discussion, you’ll probably get an idea of the sub-genre you prefer, which will guide you as you select books to read. The sub-genre to which a detective story belongs is often made clear by the title, the cover, and the synopsis of the book. 

Secondly, even if you realize that you enjoy all the sub-types of detective mysteries, knowing which one you’re about to read will mentally prepare you, so that you can enjoy each book for what it is, rather than being unpleasantly surprised to learn that  Farewell, My Lovely is a violent, gritty noir tale about murder in the Big City and not lighthearted, whimsical fluff about, oh, I don’t know, a murder at the annual Christmas cookie baking contest.

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